ZFIN ID: ZDB-FIG-070117-984
Phenotype Annotation (1994-2006) - Mutant Data Curated from Older Literature. ZFIN Historical Data
Observed In:
Stage: Unknown

Fig. for (hi823)
Original Submitter Comments: day 1 (late): pinched midbrain/hindbrain boundary, slightly inflated hindbrain ventricle; day 2: cns necrosis, smaller head and eye, slightly inflated hindbrain ventricle, rounder yolk with thin extension; day 3 small head and eyes, thin body, round grey yolk with thin extension, a bit of pericardial edema; days 4-5 - increasingly sicker/necrotic, edema worsens, some dead by day 5

Gene Expression Details No data available
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
rpl14hi823Tg standard conditions Unknown brain necrotic, abnormal
Unknown eye decreased size, abnormal
Unknown heart quality, abnormal
Unknown hindbrain quality, abnormal
Unknown midbrain hindbrain boundary quality, abnormal
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