ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-060503-2
Mutant Data Curated from Older Literature
Phenotype Annotation (1994-2006)
Date: 2006
Source: ZFIN Historical Data : (Curation)
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ZFIN began to include figures and images from zebrafish literature in 2004 and to annotate detailed phenotype information in 2006. Previously, ZFIN mutant records were assigned keywords describing a variety of defects and affected structures. Keywords derived from older literature have been converted to controlled vocabulary terms from various ontologies based on a standard translation table.

Publication lists for particular mutants are available by clicking the "CITATION" links on ZFIN Genotype data pages.

ZFIN annotates phenotype data with terms from the zebrafish Anatomical Ontology, the Gene Ontology (GO), and the Phenotype Ontology (PATO). Assignment of terms from the various ontologies, which are developed in collaboration with other species genomic databases, facilitates direct comparison of genes among different species.

We are currently able to add figures from older publications only on an ad hoc basis. A more complete incorporation of figures from the older literature is a long-term goal. To obtain more detailed information about this process or to send comments, please contact ZFIN.