Sidi et al., 2008 - Chk1 Suppresses a Caspase-2 Apoptotic Response to DNA Damage that Bypasses p53, Bcl-2, and Caspase-3. Cell   133(5):864-877 Full text @ Cell
Morpholino List (19 Records)
Target Reagent
atm MO1-atm
atr MO1-atr
aurkb MO1-aurkb
bbc3 MO2-bbc3
casp2 MO1-casp2
casp8 MO1-casp8
casp9 MO1-casp9
cdkn1a MO1-cdkn1a
chek1 MO2-chek1
chek2 MO2-chek2
fadd MO1-fadd
plk2b MO1-plk2b
plk3 MO1-plk3
smc1al MO1-smc1al
smg1 MO1-smg1
tp53 MO4-tp53
tp63 MO3-tp63
tp73 MO1-tp73