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Palha et al., 2013 - Real-time whole-body visualization of chikungunya virus infection and host interferon response in zebrafish. PLoS pathogens   9(9):e1003619 Full text @ PLoS Pathog.
Anatomical Terms:
Stage Range: Day 4 to Day 6

Fig. 2 Cellular tropism of CHIKV.

(A) Scheme of imaged regions in (B–F). (B–F) Confocal images of IHC-processed zebrafish at 24 hpi with CHIKV-GFP (B–E) or at 72 hpi with CHIKV-115 (F). As for all images, anterior to left, dorsal to top; scale bars, 50 μm. GFP staining in green in (B, F) DsRed staining in red in (E), capsid staining in red (B, F) or green (C–E); nuclei counterstained in blue. The fabp10:dsRed transgene labels hepatocytes, and HuC:GFP, post-mitotic neurons. Arrows show infection in fin fibroblasts (B), endothelial cells (C), a muscle fiber (D), hepatocytes (E) and neurons (F).

Gene Expression Details
Gene Antibody Fish Conditions Stage Anatomy Assay
DsRed gz4Tg viral treatment: Chikungunya virus Day 4 hepatocyte IFL
EGFP knu3Tg viral treatment: Chikungunya virus Day 6 neuron IFL
Antibody Labeling Details No data available
Phenotype Details No data available
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