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Blanco et al., 2007 - Snail1a and Snail1b cooperate in the anterior migration of the axial mesendoderm in the zebrafish embryo. Development (Cambridge, England)   134(22):4073-4081 Full text @ Development
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Stage: Bud

Fig. 5 Migratory behaviour of snail1b morphant cells in wild-type hosts. (A,B) Lateral views of wild-type live embryos after transplantation at the shield stage of 10-20 axial mesendodermal cells from wild-type (A) or snail1b morphant (B) fluorescein dextran-labelled embryos. (C,D) Membrane-tagged RFP-labelled grafts from wild-type (C) or snail1b morphant (D) embryos on wild-type hosts at 70% epiboly stage allows the visualisation of differences in individual cell morphology: wild-type cells show protrusions whereas snail1b morphant cells form cohesive clusters and show an epithelial-like morphology. (E) Speed of wild-type and snail1b morphant axial mesendodermal cells in wild-type hosts (P<0.001). In each embryo, the distances of three individual cells were measured (wt→wt, n=7; mo→wt, n=5)

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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT + MO1-snai1b standard conditions Bud cell migration involved in gastrulation decreased rate, abnormal
Bud cell-cell adhesion increased occurrence, abnormal
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