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Sun et al., 2009 - Cardiac hypertrophy involves both myocyte hypertrophy and hyperplasia in anemic zebrafish. PLoS One   4(8):e6596 Full text @ PLoS One
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Stage Range: Day 5 to Adult

Fig. 2 Progressive cardiomyopathy is associated with tr265/tr265.

(A,A′) H&E-staining revealing muscular disarray in week-9 (A′) tr265/tr265 ventricles, compared to the control (A); bar = 50 μm. (B,B′) α-actinin antibody staining of week-12 ventricle sections (B, sibling, B′, tr265/tr265) (bar = 10 μm) and (C,C′) transmission electron microscopy of week-16 (C) sibling and (C′) tr265/tr265 ventricle sections (bar = 1 μm) showing abnormal sarcomeres; * = sarcomeres in C,C′. (D,D′) Disorganized papillary muscles in week-16 (D′) tr265/tr265 compared to (D) sibling viewed using scanning electron microscopy; bar = 400 μm. (E) Increased atrial natriuretic factor (ANF), a fetal gene and cardiac hypertrophy marker, in week-6 and not week-16 tr265/tr265 hearts, measured with real time PCR. (F) Changes in heart rate from day 5 to 42. (G) Red blood cell flow rate at day 4, week 6, and week 16, corresponding to the results in G. Anesthesia was used to keep the fish still for timepoints after the dashed line. (H) Electrocardiograms of a sibling and two tr265/tr265 fish at week 20. (I) Survival curves (Kaplan-Meier representation) of the sibling (◊) and tr265/tr265 (■). (F–H) mean±SEM; * = P<0.05. n = number of fish examined.

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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
slc4a1atr265/tr265 standard conditions Day 5 - Days 7-13 blood circulation increased rate, abnormal
Day 5 - Days 7-13 heart contraction increased rate, abnormal
Days 21-29 - Days 30-44 blood circulation decreased rate, abnormal
Days 21-29 - Days 30-44 heart contraction decreased rate, abnormal
Days 45-89 cardiac muscle cell myofibril disorganized, abnormal
Adult blood circulation decreased rate, abnormal
Adult heart decreased functionality, abnormal
Adult whole organism viability, abnormal
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