Gonzaga-Jauregui et al., 2015 - Exome Sequence Analysis Suggests that Genetic Burden Contributes to Phenotypic Variability and Complex Neuropathy. Cell Reports   12(7):1169-83 Full text @ Cell Rep.
Morpholino List (13 Records)
Target Reagent
abhd12 MO1-abhd12
ankrd6b MO5-ankrd6b
dnajb5 MO1-dnajb5
fabp4a MO1-fabp4a
gdap1 MO1-gdap1
hspb1 MO1-hspb1
med25 MO1-med25
mfn2 MO1-mfn2
rp1l1a MO1-rp1l1a
six6a MO1-six6a
sptlc3 MO1-sptlc3
wnk1b MO5-wnk1b