ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-070920-27
Expression of multiple class three semaphorins in the retina and along the path of zebrafish retinal axons
Callander, D.C., Lamont, R.E., Childs, S.J., and McFarlane, S.
Date: 2007
Source: Developmental dynamics : an official publication of the American Association of Anatomists   236(10): 2918-2924 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Childs, Sarah J., Lamont, Ryan
Keywords: Sema3, visual system, diencephalon, optic tectum, axon guidance
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  • Axons/ultrastructure*
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  • Zebrafish
PubMed: 17879313 Full text @ Dev. Dyn.
Retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) extend axons that exit the eye, cross the midline at the optic chiasm, and synapse on target cells in the optic tectum. Class three semaphorins (Sema3s) are a family of molecules known to direct axon growth. We undertook an expression screen to identify sema3s expressed in the retina and/or brain close to in-growing RGC axons, which might therefore influence retinal-tectal pathfinding. We find that sema3Aa, 3Fa, 3Ga, and 3Gb are expressed in the retina, although only sema3Fa is present during the time window when the axons extend. Also, we show that sema3Aa and sema3E are present near or at the optic chiasm. Furthermore, sema3C, 3Fa, 3Ga, and 3Gb are expressed in regions of the diencephalon near the path taken by RGC axons. Finally, the optic tectum expresses sema3Aa, 3Fa, 3Fb, and 3Gb. Thus, sema3s are spatiotemporally placed to influence RGC axon growth.