Two distinct teleost hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 genes, hnf1alpha/tcf1 and hnf1beta/tcf2, abundantly expressed in liver, pancreas, gut and kidney of zebrafish

Gong, H.Y., Lin, C.J., Chen, M.H., Hu, M.C., Lin, G.H., Zhou, Y., Zon, L.I., and Wu, J.L.
Gene   338(1): 35-46 (Journal)
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Chen, Mark Hung-Chih, Gong, Hong-Yi, Hu, Meng-Chun, Lin, Gen-Hwa, Lin, Ji-Fan (Cliff), Wu, Jen-Leih, Zhou, Yi, Zon, Leonard I.
hnf1, vhnf1, Homeodomain, Evolution, Gene duplication
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Two distinct forms of zebrafish hepatocyte nuclear factor 1 (hnf1) were identified and referred to as hnf1alpha/tcf1 and hnf1beta/tcf2. Both hnf1 genes were shown to be expressed abundantly in liver, pancreas, gut and kidney. Zebrafish HNF1alpha and HNF1beta proteins contain all HNF1 signature domains including the dimerization domain, POU-like domain and atypical homeodomain. Sequence and phylogenetic analysis reveals that zebrafish hnf1alpha is closer to tetrapodian hnf1alpha than to tetrapodian hnf1beta and zebrafish hnf1beta is highly conserved with tetrapodian hnf1beta. Existences of hnf1alpha and hnf1beta in teleost zebrafish, tilapia and fugu suggest that hnf1 gene duplication might occur before the divergence of teleost and tetrapod ancestors. Zebrafish hnf1alpha and hnf1beta genes were mapped to linkage group LG8 and LG15 in T51 panel by RH mapping and are composed of 10 and 9 exons, respectively. Zebrafish hnf1beta gene with at least 11 genes in LG15 was identified to maintain the conserved synteny with those of human in chromosome 17 and those of mouse in chromosome 11. Our results indicate that distinct hnf1alpha and hnf1beta genes in teleosts had been evolved from the hnf1 ancestor gene of chordate.
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