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Leacock et al., 2018 - Structure/Function Studies of the α4 Subunit Reveal Evolutionary Loss of a GlyR Subtype Involved in Startle and Escape Responses. Frontiers in molecular neuroscience   11:23 Full text @ Front. Mol. Neurosci.
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Stage: Long-pec

Fig. 9

Embryos injected with α4a-SMO1 and the α4aR278Q mutant embryos fail to exhibit correct escape behavior. (A) Wild-type (control) fish responds to touch by with a C-bend, a turn away from the stimulus and rapid swimming. However, embryos injected with α4a-SMO1 (B) or with mRNA for the GlyR α4aR278Q subunit (C) respond more slowly, and have a pronounced head retraction—similar to a localized beo-like contraction (arrow). Single images were extracted from high-speed movies of α4a-SMO1 morphants and embryos injected with GlyR α4aR278Q subunit mRNA.

Gene Expression Details No data available
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Phenotype Details
Fish Conditions Stage Phenotype
WT + MO3-glra4a standard conditions Long-pec startle response disrupted, abnormal
Long-pec thigmotaxis disrupted, abnormal
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