Li et al., 2004 - Comparative analysis of the testis and ovary transcriptomes in zebrafish by combining experimental and computational tools. Comparative and functional genomics   5(5):403-418 Full text @ Comp. Func. Genomics
29 Genes / Markers
Marker Type Symbol Name
Gene cdc20 cell division cycle 20 homolog
Gene cldnd claudin d
Gene cldng claudin g
Gene cyp11a1 cytochrome P450, family 11, subfamily A, polypeptide 1
Gene dnai1.1 dynein, axonemal, intermediate chain 1, paralog 1
Gene dnajb13 DnaJ heat shock protein family (Hsp40) member B13
Gene gcc1 GRIP and coiled-coil domain containing 1
Gene gdf3 growth differentiation factor 3
Gene map1lc3c microtubule-associated protein 1 light chain 3 gamma
Gene mos v-mos Moloney murine sarcoma viral oncogene homolog
Gene mrpl17 mitochondrial ribosomal protein L17
Gene odad4 outer dynein arm docking complex subunit 4
Gene orc1 origin recognition complex, subunit 1
Gene phc2b polyhomeotic homolog 2b (Drosophila)
Gene piwil1 piwi-like RNA-mediated gene silencing 1
Gene rab36 RAB36, member RAS oncogene family
Gene racgap1 Rac GTPase activating protein 1
Gene rad9b RAD9 checkpoint clamp component B
Gene sccpdha.1 saccharopine dehydrogenase a, tandem duplicate 1
Gene si:ch73-15b2.5 si:ch73-15b2.5
Gene si:ch211-251f6.7 si:ch211-251f6.7
Gene slc35f2 solute carrier family 35 member F2
Gene snrpa small nuclear ribonucleoprotein polypeptide A
Gene sycp1 synaptonemal complex protein 1
Gene sycp3 synaptonemal complex protein 3
Gene traip TRAF-interacting protein
Gene tuba7l tubulin, alpha 7 like
Gene zp3d.2 zona pellucida glycoprotein 3d tandem duplicate 2
Gene zpax1 zona pellucida protein AX 1