ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-190812-1
Alexander Lab
PI/Director: Alexander, Matthew
Contact Person: Alexander, Matthew
Email: malexander@peds.uab.edu
URL: http:///www.uab.edu/medicine/peds/research/division-research/pediatric-neurology-research/alexanderlab
Address: University of Alabama at Birmingham 1918 University Blvd. MCLM 407 Birmingham, AL 35294
Country: United States
Phone: 205-934-7790
Line Designation: uab

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The Alexander lab is interested in generating novel zebrafish models of neuromuscular disorders for the purpose of drug screening and phenotypic evaluation. We seek to use zebrafish to better understand the disease processes and find novel treatments for dealing with human neuromuscular disorders.

Reid, Andrea Post-Doc Hightower, Rylie Graduate Student Samani, Adrienne Graduate Student
Wang, Yimin Research Staff Lopez, Michael

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