Justice et al., 2016 - Evaluation of IRX Genes and Conserved Non-coding Elements in a Region on 5p13.3 Linked to Families with Familial Idiopathic Scoliosis and Kyphosis. G3 (Bethesda)   6(6):1707-12 Full text @ G3 (Bethesda)

Fig. 2

Patterns of GFP expression in F1 embryos at 72 hpf. Images of lateral views of representative embryos for each of the four constructs are shown in Brightfield (A, E, I, and M), RFP expression (B, F, J, and N), GFP expression (C, G, K, and O) and merged image of all three images (D, H, L, and P). In all images, embryos are oriented with their anterior to the left.

Fig. S3

Somatic GFP expression in embryos injected with (A, B) 198bp C allele fragment, (C, D) 198bp T allele fragment, (E, F) 687 bp C allele fragment, (G, H) 687bp T allele fragment. Merged images (Brightfield, GFP and RFP) of two representative embryos are shown for each construct. Embryos are oriented with their anterior to the left. (A, C, E, G) lateral views and (B, D, F, H) dorsal views.

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