ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-180312-2
Astroglial DJ-1 over-expression up-regulates proteins involved in redox regulation and is neuroprotective in vivo
Frøyset, A.K., Edson, A.J., Gharbi, N., Khan, E.A., Dondorp, D., Bai, Q., Tiraboschi, E., Suster, M.L., Connolly, J.B., Burton, E.A., Fladmark, K.E.
Date: 2018
Source: Redox Biology   16: 237-247 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Burton, Edward A., Suster, Maximiliano
Keywords: Astrocyte, Cell survival, DJ-1, Oxidative stress, Parkinson's disease
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PubMed: 29525604 Full text @ Redox Biol.
DJ-1, a Parkinson's disease-associated protein, is strongly up-regulated in reactive astrocytes in Parkinson's disease. This is proposed to represent a neuronal protective response, although the mechanism has not yet been identified. We have generated a transgenic zebrafish line with increased astroglial DJ-1 expression driven by regulatory elements from the zebrafish GFAP gene. Larvae from this transgenic line are protected from oxidative stress-induced injuries as caused by MPP+, a mitochondrial complex I inhibitor shown to induce dopaminergic cells death. In a global label-free proteomics analysis of wild type and transgenic larvae exposed to MPP+, 3418 proteins were identified, in which 366 proteins were differentially regulated. In particular, we identified enzymes belonging to primary metabolism to be among proteins affected by MPP+ in wild type animals, but not affected in the transgenic line. Moreover, by performing protein profiling on isolated astrocytes we showed that an increase in astrocytic DJ-1 expression up-regulated a large group of proteins associated with redox regulation, inflammation and mitochondrial respiration. The majority of these proteins have also been shown to be regulated by Nrf2. These findings provide a mechanistic insight into the protective role of astroglial up-regulation of DJ-1 and show that our transgenic zebrafish line with astrocytic DJ-1 over-expression can serve as a useful animal model to understand astrocyte-regulated neuroprotection associated with oxidative stress-related neurodegenerative disease.