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Fig. 4

Specification and early differentiation markers are unchanged in crasher (ap3d1 mutants). (a and b) Melanoblast/iridoblast bipotent precursor marker, foxd3, expression is unchanged in progeny of crasher heterozygotes. (c–h) mitfa expression is not altered in crasher heterozygote progeny. Melanoblast marker, mitfa, expression at 24 h postfertilization (hpf) in *AB control (c) and crasher heterozygote progeny (d) is not different. (e–h) Representative early differentiated melanophore marker, mitfa, expression at 30 hpf in *AB control (e) and crasher heterozygote progeny (f) from 2 replicates is not different. (g) mitfa + cell counts are not significantly different for early differentiating melanophores at 30 hpf between progeny of *AB parents and crasher heterozygote parents (Student's t-test, t(49) = 0.36, p = 0.72). (h) crasher heterozygote progeny have similar mitfa + signal, but less mitfa + signal on the ventral side. Ratio is mitfa + dorsal cell number divided by mitfa + ventral cell number (Student's t-test, t(45) = −0.94, p = 0.35). Plots are violin box plots. Scale bars are 500 μm. Images labeled crasher are representative fish from the clutch.

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