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Figures for Yildiz et al., 2019


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Fig. 3

prdm12b mutant fish display an abnormal touch evoked response. a-d. Representative kinematic traces for 10 wildtype (a) and 11 prdm12b mutant (b) fish stimulated with a head touch, as well as for 11 prdm12b mutants first assayed with a head touch (c) and subsequently with a tail touch (d). Zero degrees on the y-axis indicate a straight body while positive and negative angles represent body bends in opposite directions. All fish were at 4dpf. e. Anti-3A10 labeling of Mauthner neurons in a cross of prdm12b+/um318 heterozygotes (n = 117). f. Anti-F310 labeling of somites in a cross of prdm12b+/um398 heterozygotes (n = 16)

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