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Fig. 1

Grxcr1 Is Required for Stereocilium Widening in the Anterior Macula

(A–C) Phalloidin staining of the whole anterior macula in grxcr1+/+ (A), grxcr1b1259/b1259 (B), and grxcr1b1260/b1260 mutant larvae (C).

(D) Average number of hair bundles in grxcr1+/+ (n = 41 larvae), grxcr1b1259/b1259 (n = 35 larvae), and grxcr1b1260/b1260 mutant larvae (n = 32 larvae).

(E) Number of TUNEL-positive cells in grxcr1+/+ (n = 18 larvae) and grxcr1−/− mutant larvae (n = 28 larvae).

(F) Average hair bundle width at half their height in grxcr1+/+ (n = 40 larvae), grxcr1b1259/b1259 (n = 34 larvae), and grxcr1b1260/b1260 mutant larvae (n = 36 larvae).

Data are represented as mean ± SEM. p < 0.05, ∗∗p < 0.01; 5 dpf.

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