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Figures for Lopez-Baez et al., 2018


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Fig. 6

Distinct and closely associated wt1b and entpd5a subpopulations emerge at the damage site.

(a) Live-imaging at the site of notochord injury in Tg(wt1b:gfp; entpd5a:dkRed) larvae. Expression of wt1b:gfp and entpd5a:pkRed at site of damage (green arrows and red arrows respectively) in injured and uninjured fish. n > 10; experimental replicates = 5. Scale bar: 50 µm. (b) Cryo-section of the injured area confirms distinct wt1b:gfp and entpd5a:dkRed subpopulations at site of damage. n > 10; experimental replicates = 2. Scale bar: 20 µm.

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