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Fig. 1

Syn4 expression pattern analysis in zebrafish.

(A) sqRT-PCR reveals that syn4 is expressed throughout embryonic developmental stages. (B–M) WISH shows the spatiotemporal expression pattern of syn4. (B–D) Syn4 is ubiquitously distributed before the gastrulation. (E) In 75% epiboly, syn4 is expressed in the thin evacuation zone and prechordal plate. (F–K) Syn4 is expressed in ventral diencephalon, midbrain, hind brain and neural crest during Segmentation Period. (L,M) In 48 hpf, syn4 is restricted to the ventricular zone in the forebrain, posterior midbrain and hindbrain. (N) Negative control of syn4 at 48 hpf. EZ: thin evacuation zone, FV: ventricular zone in the forebrain, Hb: hindbrain, Mb: midbrain, MHB: mid-hindbrain boundary, pp: prechordal plate, PM: posterior midbrain, R: rhombomeres, som: somites, sc: spinal cord, vd: ventral diencephalon. Lateral view, dorsal to the right in (B–E), dorsal view, anterior to the left in (G,I,K,M) lateral view, dorsal to the right and anterior to the top in (F), lateral view, dorsal to the top and anterior to the left in (H,J,M).

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