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Fig. 6

Targeting MYCN with CBL0137 Is Effective against Neuroblastoma in MYCN;GFP Transgenic Fish

(A–D) EGFP-expressing tumors (arrowhead) in the MYCN;GFP compound transgenic fish, treated with vehicle (A and B) or CBL0137 (C and D) at days 1 or 15 of treatment. Scale bar, 1 mm.

(E) Differences in tumor volume in animals treated with vehicle or CBL0137 on day 15 versus day 1, as measured by the size of EGFP-positive tumor masses using ImageJ software. Mean values (horizontal bars) were compared by Welch t test (two-tailed).

(F) Histopathologic and immunohistochemical analyses of MYCN;GFP tumors treated with vehicle or CBL0137. Left: H&E-stained sagittal sections. Right: immunohistochemical staining with PCNA antibody. Scale bar, 50 μm.

(G) Immunoblot of lysates from MYCN;GFP tumors treated with vehicle or CBL0137. Total levels of Erk1/2 serve as loading controls.

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