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Figures for Jackson et al., 2015


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Fig. 4 Wnt9b morphants exhibit moderate reduction of edn1 expression and the expected expansion in jag1b expression in the pharyngeal arches. (a)-(d) Anterior to right, top row = dorsal view, bottom row = lateral view. MM control (n = 8) (a), (c) and morphant (n = 8) (b, d) embryos were aged to 24hpf and stained with edn1 antisense riboprobe. 63% of morphant embryos exhibited reduced edn1 expression in the pharyngeal arches compared to controls. (e)-(f) Top row = lateral view, bottom row = anterior view. jag1b expression in 48hpf aged MM control (n = 14) (e), (g) and morphant (n = 10) (f)-(h) embryos. 100% of morphant embryos exhibited expanded jag1b expression in the pharyngeal arches compared to controls. White arrowheads indicate PA1. Red brackets indicate PA1. Size bars = 100 ┬Ám.

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