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Figures for Auer et al., 2015

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Fig. 6, S1 Silencing of all Retinal Ganglion Cells by BoTx expression leads to Ntf3 upregulation.

(A) Expression of botulinum toxin light chain B (Brunger et al., 2008; Nevin et al., 2008) in all RGCs leads to expansion of melanosomes similar to blind mutant fish as shown in Figure 1—figure supplement 1. Scale bar = 200 µm. (B) Relative expression levels of ntf3 in 4-dpf old wildtype, kif5aa mutant, and Tg(Isl2b:Gal4, UAS:BoTxLCB-GFP) transgenic embryos. ntf3 is upregulated to a similar extent in Tg(Isl2b:Gal4, UAS:BoTxLCB-GFP) transgenic embryos as in kif5aa mutants. (C) Western blotting confirms the overexpression of Ntf3 protein in embryos without presynaptic activity.

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