Figures for Alexander et al., 2014


Figure Caption/Comments:

Fig. 4 Requirements for Wnt signaling in dorsal-ventral arch patterning.

(A–P) Whole mount ISH for genes involved in dorsal-ventral (D-V) patterning in control (A, D, G, J), dkk1+ embryos heat shocked at 20–22 hpf (B, E, H, K), and dntcf3+ embryos heat shocked at 22–24 hpf (C, F, I, L), lateral views, anterior to the left. hand2 (B, C), dlx3b (E, F), and dlx6a (H, I) expression is reduced, while jag1b (K, L) expression expands ventrally (arrowheads) particularly in dntcf3+ embryos, compared with controls. (M–P) dlx2a expression in control (M,O), dntcf3+ (N), and dkk1+ (P) embryos. The dorsal boundary of dlx2a expression (arrowheads) appears to shift ventrally in some cases, (N,P) compared to the control (M,O). (Q) Histogram quantifying percentages of dkk1+ and dntcf3+ embryos with defects in D-V patterning. Scale bar: 100 µm.

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