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Figures for Zannino et al., 2014


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Fig. 8

Increased replication of OPCs in prdm12b deficient embryos. (A–I) olig2:egfp Expression in wild type (A–C), control MO-injected (D–F), or PTB MO-injected (G–I) embryos. (J) Quantification of embryos with reduced numbers of olig2:egfp+ cells. (K) Quantification of olig2:egfp+ cells per embryo at 72 hp. (L–O) Cross sections of wild type (L, M) and PTB MO-injected (N, O) Tg(olig2:egfp) embryos labeled with anti-BrdU. (P) Quantification of the number of olig2:egfp+/BrdU+ cells per section. Scale bars are 35 μm (A–I) or 17 μm (L, M). The neural tube is outlined with dotted line in L, M. Arrows indicate olig2:egfp/BrdU double positive cells.

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