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Fig. 5

Secondary motoneurons are severely reduced in gle1 morphants. (A-F) Confocal images of control (A-C) and gle1 morphant (D-F) zebrafish embryos with motoneurons labeled by mnx1:GFP transgene and zn-8 (Alcama) antibody to reveal somata and fasciculated axons of secondary motoneurons at 56 hpf. gle1 morphants lose most zn-8 immunoreactivity, including the rostrally projecting nerves (asterisks in the control, A-C), but still retain the primary motoneurons (mnx1:GFP+) (D,F). Images are lateral views of the trunk spinal cord with dorsal to top, anterior to left. Scale bar: 50 μm.

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