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Figures for Kotani et al., 2008

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Fig. 9 The mys-deficient cells decreased lamellipodia formation on Fibronectin. (A, B) The morphology of cells dissociated from 4 hpf embryos and incubated on Fibronectin for overnight. (A) Cells dissociated from wild type embryos. (B) Cells dissociated from the ATG-MO injected embryos. The embryos were injected with rhodamine-dextran (red). Lamellipodia formation is impaired in the ATG-MO injected cells. (C–H) Analysis of FAK activation. Wild type cells (C, F) and the ATG-MO injected cells (D, G) incubated on Fibronectin for overnight. (E, H) Wild type cells immediately after placed on Fibronectin. (C, D, E) Images of rhodamine-dextran. (F, G, H) Immunostaining using the anti-phosphorylated FAK antibody. FAK is activated in the ATG-MO injected cells. Scale bars show 20 μm.

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