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Figures for Lee et al., 2006


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Fig. 7 Effect of inhibiting Foxd3 protein synthesis on myf5, myod, myogenin, and α-actin expression in embryos with 10–12 somites. In foxd3-MO1-injected (10 ng) embryos, myf5 expression in the somites, adaxial cells, and presomitic mesoderm was reduced dramatically (A vs. E) but myod expression was unchanged (B vs. F). In foxd3-MO1-injected embryos, the expression of myogenin (C vs. G) and α-actin (D vs. H) was abolished in the somites, except in adaxial cells. Embryos injected with 4 ng of myf5-MO exhibited reduced myogenin expression in the somites, a finding similar to the defective phenotype of foxd3 morphants (I vs. G). Co-injection of 600 ng/μl myf5-capped mRNA rescued expression of myogenin (J) and α-actin (K) in foxd3-MO1-injected embryos. Scale bars: 100 μm.

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