ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-990331-4
Drummond Lab
PI/Director: Drummond, Iain
Contact Person: Drummond, Iain
Email: idrummond@partners.org
URL: http://receptor.mgh.harvard.edu/Research/labs/Drummond/drummond.html
Address: Renal Unit Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard Medical School 149 13th Street Charlestown, MA 02129 USA
Country: United States
Phone: (617) 726-5647
Fax: (617) 726-5669
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The zebrafish pronephros as a model of kidney development.

We are studying the zebrafish pronephros in order to answer questions concerning early patterning events affecting kidney
development, epithelial cell differentiation, the generation of cell polarity, and the development of kidney vasculature. The
zebrafish pronephric kidney provides a simplified model of nephron development and epithelial cell differentiation which is
amenable to genetic analysis. By taking advantage of mutations affecting the pronephros, we are uncovering new aspects of
kidney cell differentiation.

Liu, Yan Research Staff Hellman, Nathan Pathak, Naremdra

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