ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-970424-70
Inoue Lab
PI/Director: Inoue, Kunio
Co-PI / Senior
Kusakabe, Rie
Contact Person: Inoue, Kunio
Email: kunio@kobe-u.ac.jp
Address: Department of Biology Faculty of Science Kobe University 1-1 Rokkodaicho Kobe 657-8501 JAPAN
Country: Japan
Phone: 81-78-803-5725
Fax: 81-78-803-5725
Line Designation: kb

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Fukumura, Kazuhiro Post-Doc Fukumoto, Toshiaki Graduate Student Higashida, Naoki Graduate Student
Saga, Wataru Graduate Student Tani, Saori Graduate Student Kanamura, Setsuko Technical Staff

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