ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-210330-2
Steet/Flanagan-Steet Lab
PI/Director: Flanagan-Steet, Heather
Steet, Richard
Contact Person: Flanagan-Steet, Heather
Email: heatherfs@ggc.org
Address: 113 Gregor Mendel Circle, Greenwood SC 29646, Greenwood Genetic Center and Clemson University
Country: United States
Phone: 864-388-1806
Fax: 864-388-1707
Line Designation: ggc

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Our lab utilizes zebrafish to model rare inherited disease to identify the pathogenic cascades that alter tissue development in these disorders. We employ a range of techniques, including systems based approaches, to unravel the complexities of disease.

Lu, Po-Nien Post-Doc Wang, Tong Post-Doc Yu, Seok-ho Research Staff
Jeter, Chelsi Technical Staff Rimsky, Lynn Technical Staff Wiggins, Kali Technical Staff
May, Melanie Administrative Staff

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