ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-151023-2
Parant Lab
PI/Director: Parant, John
Contact Person: Parant, John
URL: https://www.uab.edu/medicine/pharmacology/faculty/jparant
Address: University of Alabama at Birmingham Department of Pharmacology &Toxicology 1670 University Blvd. Volker Hall room 252 Birmingham AL 35294
Country: United States
Phone: 205-975-8469
Line Designation: uab

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Our broad interests are the impact of genomic instability on human disease. Presently we have two lab focuses: 1) The impact that defects in sister chromatid cohesion has on developmental disease and cancer predisposition; and 2) Understanding the regulation and mechanism of p53 tumor suppression. Much of our research has been facilitated by the development of a high throughput genome editing platform and in vivo live imaging of mitotic defects in mutant zebrafish embryos. Zebrafish is an ideal organism for this research due to the ability to combine powerful genetic approaches and the ability to monitor tumor predisposition.

Percival, Stefanie M. Graduate Student Thomas, Holly R. Research Staff

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