ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-120305-1
TEFOR Paris-Saclay
PI/Director: Joly, Jean-Stephane
Contact Person: Djian-Zaouche, Johanna
Email: joly@inaf.cnrs-gif.fr
URL: http://www.inaf.cnrs-gif.fr/ned/equipe08_eng/accueil_08.html
Address: UMS TEFOR Paris-Saclay – CNRS UMS2010 / INRA UMS1451 Paris-Saclay University Bat 32, 1 Avenue de la Terrasse 91190 Gif-sur-Yvette France
Country: France
Phone: +33 (0)1 69 82 41 38
Line Designation: zps

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As part of the TEFOR infrastructure, UMS TEFOR Paris-Saclay CNRS UMS2010 / INRA UMS1451 (UMS TPS) conducts genome editing and phenotyping programs in zebrafish, particularly at larval stages and in the adult brain.

UMS TPS is dedicated to Research and Development of new techniques in the field of genome editing and fluorescence microscopy :
- Genome editing : UMS TPS works with the TACGENE platform on base editing, a targeted and fine edition of the genome.
- Phenotyping : UMS TPS conducts programs to optimize microscopy tools and methodologies, and develops collections of optimal 3D images and navigation tools in these databases.

In order to offer a complete and innovative range of services, UMS TPS coordinates a network of expert centres: a consortium of laboratories and partner platforms experts in fish models whose complementary activities best meet the needs of the scientific community. This way, UMS TPS wishes to help the users in defining the scientific project and relieve them of administrative processes that can be heavy, acting as the main point of contact and support.

Through the creation of the EFOR network (network of functional studies in model organisms), UMS TPS also aims to support and increase the visibility of research projects using model organisms. By developing the accumulated knowledge of the different model organisms and creating spaces for discussion on bioethical issues, EFOR aims to be in line with the 3Rs principles : Reduce, Refine, Replace.

Lempereur, Sylvain Graduate Student Affaticati, Pierre Research Staff Banerjee, Payel Research Staff
Djian-Zaouche, Johanna Research Staff Hemon, Julien Fish Facility Staff Schwartz, Marie-Élise Fish Facility Staff
Jenett, Arnim Technical Staff Licata, Fabrice Technical Staff Moreira, Lionel Technical Staff
Renoux, Anna Technical Staff Simion, Matthieu Technical Staff Jourdain, Vincent Administrative Staff

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