ZFIN ID: ZDB-LAB-110119-1
Alsina Lab
PI/Director: Alsina, Berta
Contact Person: Sas, Miquel
Email: miquel.sas@upf.edu
URL: http://www.upf.edu/devbiol/projectes/Alsina_lab.html
Address: Laboratory of Developmental Biology Universitat Pompeu Fabra-PRBB Dr. Aiguader 88, 08003 Barcelona, Spain
Country: Spain
Phone: +34 933160817
Line Designation: pfu


Neurogenesis and patterning mechanisms in the inner ear, sensory gene cis- regulatory elements.

Moreno, Alex Robert Post-Doc Radosevic, Marija Graduate Student Linares, Marta Technical Staff
Sas, Miquel Technical Staff

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