Term: frontal bone osteoblast
Note: This page represents a term created by the combination ("post-composition") of two ontology terms. For more information on the individual terms, click the hyperlinked name.
Name: frontal bone
Definition: Large elongated paired dermal bones that roof the cranium and bear part of the supraorbital canal. The frontal bones cover the upper edge of the lateral ethmoid, orbitosphenoid and pterosphenoids and overlaps the parietal bone posteriorly.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0000514]
Name: osteoblast
Synonyms: osteoblasts
Definition: A bone-forming cell which secretes an extracellular matrix. Hydroxyapatite crystals are then deposited into the matrix to form bone.
Ontology: Anatomy Ontology [ZFA:0009031]