ZFIN ID: ZDB-GENE-010525-1
Nomenclature History
New Value Event Old Value Date Reason Comments
slc4a1a renamed from slc4a1 2011-03-07 renamed to conform with zebrafish guidelines After a co-orthologue gene was identified, I added an "a" to this gene symbol and name.
slc4a1 merged with zgc:152771 2006-12-01 same marker none
zgc:152771 assigned 2006-09-29 Not Specified
slc4a1 merged with zgc:111889 2005-04-27 same marker none
zgc:111889 assigned 2005-04-17 Not Specified
slc4a1 merged with si:dz180g5.1 2003-10-31 same marker none
si:dz180g5.1 assigned 2003-06-16 Not Specified Issued by the Sanger Institute

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