ZFIN ID: ZDB-IMAGE-001220-10

Figure Caption/Comments:

Image description by: Tanya Whitfield

Anatomical structures shown: hair cell polarity pattern in anterior macula

Stage: 5 dpf

Genetic (background) strain: none given

Genotype: wild-type

Animal state: fixed

Labeling: FITC-phalloidin (green); anti-acetylated tubulin (red)

Description: Orientation: dorsal - lateral to top, anterior to left. Polarity patterns of hair cells in a day 5 anterior macula. In plan view, the stereociliary bundle of each hair cell appears as a green crescent; the kinocilium (visible as a red dot in a few hair cells) is located in the concave side of the crescent. Arrows are drawn pointing from the stereocilia to the kinocilium. At this stage, nearly all hair cells radiate out from a site on the medial edge of the macula and point laterally; the orientation changes systematically from region to region, but the orientations of neighbouring hair cells in any given region are tightly correlated. Around the antero-lateral margin of the macula, there is a rim of hair cells pointing medially.

Publication containing this image: Adapted from Haddon et al., 1999.

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