Tian et al., 2020 - Blocking Wallerian degeneration by loss of Sarm1 does not promote axon resealing in zebrafish. microPublication. Biology   2020 Full text @ MicroPubl Biol

Figure 1

A. Schematic representation of the experimental strategy to test resealing of Sarm1-/- transected axons expressing Kaede. Photoconversion of the distal segment was performed 6 hours-post-injury (hpi), and final image taken 14 hpi. B. Confocal images of the experiment. Kaede_G is the green (native) form of Kaede in the proximal (regrowing) axon, Kaede_R is the red (photoconverted) form of Kaede in the non-degradable (distal) axon segment. Scale bar is 40μm. The dotted box indicates the site of transection, which shows the juxtaposition between the proximal end of the distal axon segment and the passing regenerated axon. Note the arborization of the green axon below a neuromast. C. Zoomed region taken from the dotted box in (B), detailing the interface between the non- degradable distal axon (orange) and the passing regenerated proximal axon (green).

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