Wang et al., 2017 - Systematic identification and characterization of cardiac long intergenic noncoding RNAs in zebrafish. Scientific Reports   7:1250 Full text @ Sci. Rep.

Fig. 5

Analysis of embryonic heart–enriched lincRNAs. (A) Expression-based association matrix of 564 embryonic heart–enriched lincRNA transcripts (rows) and functional gene sets (columns). Red, positive correlation; blue, negative correlation; yellow, no correlation. (B) Expression of embryonic heart-enriched lincRNAs, as revealed by Quantitative real-time PCR. gapdhs (FPKM = 127) was used as reference gene. Means ± S.D. N = 3. (C) Validation of 5 selected lincRNAs with high embryonic cardiac expression by in situ hybridization at 2-days post fertilization (2 dpf), and negative control is a lincRNA candidate with low FPKM in embryonic heart. A, atrium; h, heart; V, ventricle.

Fig. S2

Dynamics of cardiac lincRNA expression during embryogenesis.

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