Lam et al., 2016 - Multifunctional single beam acoustic tweezer for non-invasive cell/organism manipulation and tissue imaging. Scientific Reports   6:37554 Full text @ Sci. Rep.

Fig. 2

Zebrafish egg manipulated acoustically using the 60-MHz f#0.6 SBAT.

(a) Fertilized Zebrafish eggs with a live embryo are in transparent appearance while a dead egg (on the top) is with milky color. The average diameter of Zebrafish eggs is 1.6 mm. (b) A single fertilized Zebrafish egg was acoustically manipulated along the SBAT movement. The bright circular shape is the projection of the SBAT. A yellow dot is given as a reference point to show the location change of the fish egg while a blue arrow indicates the SBAT movement direction.

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