OBO ID: SO:0001589
Term Name: frameshift_variant Search Ontology:
  • ANNOVAR:frameshift block substitution
  • ANNOVAR:frameshift substitution
  • frameshift variant
  • frameshift_
  • frameshift_coding
  • Jannovar:frameshift_variant
  • Seattleseq:frameshift
  • Seattleseq:frameshift-near-splice
  • snpEff:FRAME_SHIFT
  • VAAST:frameshift_variant
  • VAT:deletionFS
  • VAT:insertionFS
  • VEP:frameshift_variant
Definition: A sequence variant which causes a disruption of the translational reading frame, because the number of nucleotides inserted or deleted is not a multiple of three.
Ontology: Sequence Ontology
PHENOTYPE No data available