ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-981110-4
Functional analysis of zebrafish Islet-1 protein family
Kikuchi, Y., Tokumoto, M., Hotta, Y., Uyemura, K., and Okamoto, H.
Date: 1996
Source: Neuroscience research   25 sup. 2: 116 (Abstract)
Registered Authors: Kikuchi, Yutaka, Okamoto, Hitoshi, Uyemura, Osamu
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PubMed: none Full text @ Neurosci. Res.
LIM/homeobox transcription factors play important roles in cell fate determination during development in both vertebrates and invertebrates. We have cloned cDNAs for these factors in zebrafish (Islet-1, -2, -3). Functional studies of other LIM/homeobox proteins have suggested that LIM domains act as interfaces for binding with other proteins. We reasoned that the formation of a functional complex may be prevented by the ectopic overexpression of the LIM domains without a homeobox. Ectopic expression of the LIM domains in Islet-3 caused the defective development in the tissue where Islet-3 was normally expressed.