Interferon regulatory factor-7 is required for hair cell development during zebrafish embryogenesis

Hu, S.Q., Xu, H.M., Qian, F., Chen, C.S., Wang, X., Liu, D., Cheng, L.
Developmental Neurobiology   82(1): 88-97 (Journal)
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Liu, Dong, Wang, Xin
embryogenesis, hair cells, interferon regulatory factor-7, morpholinos, zebrafish
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Interferon regulatory factor-7 (IRF7) is an essential regulator of both innate and adaptive immunity. It is also expressed in the otic vesicle of zebrafish embryos. However, any role for irf7 in hair cell development was uncharacterized. Does it work as a potential deaf gene to regulate hair cell development? We used whole-mount in situ hybridization (WISH) assay and morpholino-mediated gene knockdown method to investigate the role of irf7 in the development of otic vesicle hair cells during zebrafish embryogenesis. We performed RNA sequencing to gain a detailed insight into the molecules/genes which are altered upon downregulation of irf7. Compared to the wild-type siblings, knockdown of irf7 resulted in severe developmental retardation in zebrafish embryos as well as loss of neuromasts and damage to hair cells at an early stage (within 3 days post fertilization). Co-injection of zebrafish irf7 mRNA could partially rescued the defects of the morphants. atp1b2b mRNA injection can also partially rescue the phenotype induced by irf7 gene deficiency. Loss of hair cells in irf7-morphants does not result from cell apoptosis. Gene expression profiles show that, compared to wild-type, knockdown of irf7 can lead to 2,053 and 2,678 genes being upregulated and downregulated, respectively. Among them, 18 genes were annotated to HC development or posterior lateral line (PLL) development. All results suggest irf7 plays an essential role in hair cell development in zebrafish, indicating that irf7 may be a member of deafness gene family. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved.
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