ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-210114-10
MITO-Luc/GFP zebrafish model to assess spatial and temporal evolution of cell proliferation in vivo
de Latouliere, L., Manni, I., Ferrari, L., Pisati, F., Totaro, M.G., Gurtner, A., Marra, E., Pacello, L., Pozzoli, O., Aurisicchio, L., Capogrossi, M.C., Deflorian, G., Piaggio, G.
Date: 2021
Source: Scientific Reports   11: 671 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Deflorian, Gianluca
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PubMed: 33436662 Full text @ Sci. Rep.
We developed a novel reporter transgenic zebrafish model called MITO-Luc/GFP zebrafish in which GFP and luciferase expression are under the control of the master regulator of proliferation NF-Y. In MITO-Luc/GFP zebrafish it is possible to visualize cell proliferation in vivo by fluorescence and bioluminescence. In this animal model, GFP and luciferase expression occur in early living embryos, becoming tissue specific in juvenile and adult zebrafish. By in vitro and ex vivo experiments we demonstrate that luciferase activity in adult animals occurs in intestine, kidney and gonads, where detectable proliferating cells are located. Further, by time lapse experiments in live embryos, we observed a wave of GFP positive cells following fin clip. In adult zebrafish, in addition to a bright bioluminescence signal on the regenerating tail, an early unexpected signal coming from the kidney occurs indicating not only a fin cell proliferation, but also a systemic response to tissue damage. Finally, we observed that luciferase activity was inhibited by anti-proliferative interventions, i.e. 5FU, cell cycle inhibitors and X-Rays. In conclusion, MITO-Luc/GFP zebrafish is a novel animal model that may be crucial to assess the spatial and temporal evolution of cell proliferation in vivo.