ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-200604-5
Trim45 is essential to the development of the diencephalon and eye in zebrafish embryos
Choe, S., Huh, T.L., Rhee, M.
Date: 2020
Source: Animal cells and systems   24: 99-106 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Huh, Tae-Lin
Keywords: E3 ligases, diencephalon, eye, trim45, zebrafish embryos
MeSH Terms: none
PubMed: 32489689 Full text @ Animal Cells Syst (Seoul)
Trim45 is one of the RING (really interesting new gene) finger containing E3 ligase, which belongs to TRIM (Tripartite motif) protein family. Its molecular biological functions have been well characterized but not in light of developmental aspects. Here, we are reporting its expression patterns and developmental functions in zebrafish embryos. First, maternal transcripts of trim45 were found at one cell stage while its zygotic messages appeared at 30% epiboly. trim45 transcripts were restricted to the optical tectum, hypothalamus, hindbrain, and pharyngeal endoderm at 24 hpf (hour post-fertilization), and further to the retinal ganglion cell layer and cranial ganglion at 36 hpf. Second, ectopic expression of trim45 by injecting its mRNAs into embryos at one cell stage caused significant expansion of the diencephalon and eye fields at 24 hpf. In contrast, knock-down of trim45 with anti-sense trim45 morpholinos reduced the size of the two tissues at 24 hpf. Finally, the spatial distribution of the transcripts from olig2 and rx1/rx3, markers for the midbrain and eye respectively, were significantly decreased in the thalamus and eye fields respectively at 24 hpf. Based upon these observations, we proposed possible roles of Trim45 in the development of the diencephalon and eye in zebrafish embryos.