ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-141121-3
SNX17 regulates Notch pathway and pancreas development through the retromer-dependent recycling of Jag1
Yin, W., Liu, D., Liu, N., Xu, L., Li, S., Lin, S., Shu, X., Pei, D.
Date: 2012
Source: Cell regeneration (London, England)   1: 4 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Lin, Shuo, Shu, Xiaodong
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PubMed: 25408867 Full text @ Cell Regen (Lond)
Notch is one of the most important signaling pathways involved in cell fate determination. Activation of the Notch pathway requires the binding of a membrane-bound ligand to the Notch receptor in the adjacent cell which induces proteolytic cleavages and the activation of the receptor. A unique feature of the Notch signaling is that processes such as modification, endocytosis or recycling of the ligand have been reported to play critical roles during Notch signaling, however, the underlying molecular mechanism appears context-dependent and often controversial.
Here we identified SNX17 as a novel regulator of the Notch pathway. SNX17 is a sorting nexin family protein implicated in vesicular trafficking and we find it is specifically required in the ligand-expressing cells for Notch signaling. Mechanistically, SNX17 regulates the protein level of Jag1a on plasma membrane by binding to Jag1a and facilitating the retromer-dependent recycling of the ligand. In zebrafish, inhibition of this SNX17-mediated Notch signaling pathway results in defects in neurogenesis as well as pancreas development.
Our results reveal that SNX17, by acting as a cargo-specific adaptor, promotes the retromer dependent recycling of Jag1a and Notch signaling and this pathway is involved in cell fate determination during zebrafish neurogenesis and pancreas development.