ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-141021-6
Temporal and spatial expression patterns of bone morphogenetic protein 3 in developing zebrafish
Ito-Amano, M., Nakamura, Y., Morisaki, M., He, X., Hayashi, M., Watanapokasin, R., Kato, H.
Date: 2014
Source: The open rheumatology journal   8: 69-72 (Journal)
Registered Authors: He, Xinjun
Keywords: Bmp3, Expression patterns, Zebrafish.
MeSH Terms: none
PubMed: 25328556 Full text @ Open Rheumatol J
Bone morphogenetic proteins (BMPs) are important elements in bone biology. We herein report the expression profiles of zebrafish bmp3 (zbmp3) as demonstrated by real-time PCR and in situ hybridization. The expression of zbmp3 was highly detectable by real-time PCR from 1 day post-fertilization (1 dpf) to 2 weeks post-fertilization (2 wpf) and peaked at 1 wpf. For in situ hybridization experiments, zbmp3 was expressed in the otic vesicle at 1 dpf, 2 dpf, 3 dpf, and 5 dpf. It was also expressed in the pharyngeal arches, including the opercle, branchiostegal ray, and pectoral fins, at 2 dpf. Our results suggest that zbmp3 may play an important role in the skeletal biology of developing zebrafish.