ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-120807-26
Myelopoiesis and Myeloid Leukaemogenesis in the Zebrafish
Forrester, A.M., Berman, J.N., and Payne, E.M.
Date: 2012
Source: Advances in hematology   2012: 358518 (Review)
Registered Authors: Berman, Jason, Forrester, Michael
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PubMed: 22851971 Full text @ Adv. Hematol.

Over the past ten years, studies using the zebrafish model have contributed to our understanding of vertebrate haematopoiesis, myelopoiesis, and myeloid leukaemogenesis. Novel insights into the conservation of haematopoietic lineages and improvements in our capacity to identify, isolate, and culture such haematopoietic cells continue to enhance our ability to use this simple organism to address disease biology. Coupled with the strengths of the zebrafish embryo to dissect developmental myelopoiesis and the continually expanding repertoire of models of myeloid malignancies, this versatile organism has established its niche as a valuable tool to address key questions in the field of myelopoiesis and myeloid leukaemogenesis. In this paper, we address the recent advances and future directions in the field of myelopoiesis and leukaemogenesis using the zebrafish system.