Expression of Hairy/enhancer of split genes in neural progenitors and neurogenesis domains of the adult zebrafish brain

Chapouton, P., Webb, K.J., Stigloher, C., Alunni, A., Adolf, B., Hesl, B., Topp, S., Kremmer, E., and Bally-Cuif, L.
The Journal of comparative neurology   519(9): 1748-1769 (Journal)
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Adolf, Birgit, Alunni, Alessandro, Bally-Cuif, Laure, Chapouton, Prisca, Stigloher, Christian, Topp, Stefanie, Webb, Katharine
Her/Hes bHLH transcription factors, neurogenesis, adult neural stem cells, zebrafish
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All subdivisions of the adult zebrafish brain maintain niches of constitutive neurogenesis, sustained by quiescent and multipotent progenitor populations. In the telencephalon, the latter potential neural stem cells take the shape of radial glia aligned along the ventricle and are controlled by Notch signalling. With the aim of identifying new markers of this cell type and of comparing the effectors of embryonic and adult neurogenesis, we focused on the family of hairy/enhancer of split [E(spl)] genes. We report the expression of seven hairy/E(spl) (her) genes and the new helt gene in three neurogenic areas of the adult zebrafish brain (telencephalon, hypothalamus, and midbrain) in relation to radial glia, proliferation, and neurogenesis. We show that the expression of most her genes in the adult brain characterizes quiescent radial glia, whereas only few are expressed in progenitor domains engaged in active proliferation or neurogenesis. The low proliferation status of most her-positive progenitors contrasts with the embryonic nervous system, in which her genes are expressed in actively dividing progenitors. Likewise, we demonstrate largely overlapping expression domains of a set of her genes in the adult brain, which is in striking contrast to their distinct embryonic expression profiles. Overall, our data provide a consolidated map of her expression, quiescent glia, proliferation, and neurogenesis in these various subdivisions of the adult brain and suggest distinct regulation and function of Her factors in the embryonic and adult contexts.
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