ZFIN ID: ZDB-PUB-080209-8
Zic1 and Zic4 regulate zebrafish roof plate specification and hindbrain ventricle morphogenesis
Elsen, G.E., Choi, L.Y., Millen, K.J., Grinblat, Y., and Prince, V.E.
Date: 2008
Source: Developmental Biology   314(2): 376-392 (Journal)
Registered Authors: Choi, Louis, Elsen, Gina, Grinblat, Yevgenya, Prince, Victoria E.
Keywords: Zic genes, Zebrafish, Hindbrain, Ventricle, Morphogenesis, Proliferation, Roof plate, Dorsal signaling center, Rhombomere boundaries
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  • Amino Acyl-tRNA Synthetases/physiology*
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  • Cerebral Ventricles/embryology
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  • Embryonic Development/physiology*
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  • Morphogenesis/physiology*
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  • Prosencephalon/embryology
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  • Zebrafish/embryology*
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PubMed: 18191121 Full text @ Dev. Biol.
During development, the lumen of the neural tube develops into a system of brain cavities or ventricles, which play important roles in normal CNS function. We have established that the formation of the hindbrain (4th) ventricle in zebrafish is dependent upon the pleiotropic functions of the genes implicated in human Dandy Walker Malformation, Zic1 and Zic4. Using morpholino knockdown we show that zebrafish Zic1 and Zic4 are required for normal morphogenesis of the 4th ventricle. In Zic1 and/or Zic4 morphants the ventricle does not open properly, but remains completely or partially fused from the level of rhombomere (r) 2 towards the posterior. In the absence of Zic function early hindbrain regionalization and neural crest development remain unaffected, but dorsal hindbrain progenitor cell proliferation is significantly reduced. Importantly, we find that Zic1 and Zic4 are required for development of the dorsal roof plate. In Zic morphants expression of roof plate markers, including lmx1b.1 and lmx1b.2, is disrupted. We further demonstrate that zebrafish Lmx1b function is required for both hindbrain roof plate development and 4th ventricle morphogenesis, confirming that roof plate formation is a critical component of ventricle development. Finally, we show that dorsal rhombomere boundary signaling centers depend on Zic1 and Zic4 function and on roof plate signals, and provide evidence that these boundary signals are also required for ventricle morphogenesis. In summary, we conclude that Zic1 and Zic4 control zebrafish 4th ventricle morphogenesis by regulating multiple mechanisms including cell proliferation and fate specification in the dorsal hindbrain.