Zebrafish evx1 is dynamically expressed during embryogenesis in subsets of interneurones, posterior gut and urogenital system

Thaëron, C., Avaron, F., Casane, D., Borday, V., Thisse, B., Thisse, C., Boulekbache, H., and Laurenti, P.
Mechanisms of Development   99(1-2): 167-172 (Journal)
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Avaron, Fabien, Borday, Veronique, Boulekbache, Habib, Casane, Didier, Laurenti, Patrick, Thaëron, Christelle, Thisse, Bernard, Thisse, Christine
evx1; even-skipped; homeobox gene; interneurones; rhombomeres; hindbrain; spinal cord; gut; pronephric duct; analia-genitalia; zebrafish; Danio rerio
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The even-skipped-related homeobox genes (evx) are widely distributed through animal kingdom and are thought to play key role in posterior body patterning and neurogenesis. We have cloned and analyzed the expression of evx1 in zebrafish (see also Borday et al. (Dev. Dyn. 220 (2001) in press) which displays a dynamic and restricted expression pattern during neurogenesis. In spinal cord, rhombencephalon, and epiphysis, evx1 is expressed in several subsets of emerging interneurones prior to their axonal outgrowth, identified as primary interneurones and a subset of Pax2.1(+) commissural interneurones. In the hindbrain, evx1 is expressed in reticulospinal interneurones of rhombomeres 5 and 6 as well as in rhombomere 7 interneurones. The latest emerging evx1(+) interneurones in the hindbrain correspond to commissural interneurones. evx1 is also dynamically transcribed during the formation of the posterior gut and the uro-genital system in mesenchymal cells that border the pronephric ducts, the wall of the pronephric duct and later in the posterior gut and the wall of the uro-genital opening. In larvae, the ano-rectal epithelium and the muscular layer that surrounds the analia-genitalia region remain stained up to 27 days. In contrast other vertebrates, evx1displays no early nor caudal expression in zebrafish.
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